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The economical situation of Grevenbroich is characterized by the traditional strong weight of the branches of industry mining, energy, building and publicutilities.

As a center for coal, electricity and aluminum the city Grevenbroich with62.000 inhabitants has remarkable economic power. Below please find some superlatives:

  • Grevenbroich is located at the biggestbrowncoal deposit of Europe (2.500 sqkm).
  • The “Rheinisch-Westfälische Elektrizitätswerke AG (RWE) Frimmersdorf and Neurath are producing energy frombrowncoal.
  • The “Vereinigte Aluminiumwerke (VAW)”, today called Hydro are equipped with the latest foil rolling mill of the world.
  • The former aluminum smelting plant “Erftwerk” has been concentrated on aluminum recycling and on the production of highly pure aluminum kyral (99,9999 %). It has been exported in the whole world for satelites, aircraft, etc.
  • In September 1991 the biggest and latest solar power plant opened their doors. - The photovoltaik plant of “RWE Engergie AG” at Grevenbroich Neurath.
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